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Activities Audio Reading comprehension Writing in French Evaluation French online courses Opinion - Argumentation Phonetics - Pronunciation Spelling Why learn French ? Culture & civilization Cinema Cultural Nuances - Gestures Festivals, celebrations From January to December Christmas New Year Food and gastronomy French Speaking Countries francophonie & Francophonie (OIF) French Speaking Countries France History Intercultural Identify a language
Linguistic and cultural diversity
Cultural Perspectives - Stereotypes Literature Literature : Fairy tales Media : Radio, television, newspapers Miscellaneous : Political life - Europe - Human rights - Secularism Situations - Everyday life Songs Visuals Arts Comic strip Advertising
Vocabulary / Topics Alimentation Food Food and gastronomy Going shopping for food, Eating out Clothes Colors, shapes, materials Daily routine, schedule Family Give a phone call Health, at the doctor House Human body Nature Animals Environment - Ecology Nature - Landscapes Weather New technologies, Internet... Numbers Objects People Greetings - Politeness Describe somebody Introducing yourself, tastes, feelings School : Objects, Educational system Sports & Leisure, Holidays Leisure Music Sports Holidays and travels Time, date, seasons Town At the shops, at the hotel.. + Buying Giving directions Places in town, shops Transportation, road safety Work Professions Job hunting Vocabulary / The French language Around the words Word formation Homonymes & homophones Interjections & onomatopoeia Acronyms & Abbreviations Synonyms, paronyms, false friends History of the French language Idiomatic Expressions & Proverbs Letter games Levels of language - familiar, supported.. Variety of French Grammar Adjectives Adverbs Articles Comparisons Conjugation - Verbs Demonstratives Do not confuse them ! Indirect speech Link-words Miscellaneous Negations Nouns Object pronouns Passive voice Possessives Prepositions Questions Relative pronouns Subject and stress pronouns Time expressions Conjugation
Indicative tenses
French Compound Past Tense French Imperfect French Compound Past / Imperfect French Simple Past (= Past Historic) Future Pluperfect Present
Other moods
Conditional + SI clauses Imperative Infinitive Past participle Present participle Subjunctive
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