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Activities Audio Reading comprehension Writing in French Evaluation French online courses Opinion - Argumentation Phonetics - Pronunciation Situations - Everyday life Spelling Dictations Why learn French ?
Culture & civilization Cinema Cultural Nuances - Gestures Festivals, celebrations From January to December Christmas New Year Food and gastronomy French Speaking Countries francophonie & Francophonie (OIF) French Speaking Countries France History Intercultural Identify a language
Linguistic and cultural diversity
Cultural Perspectives - Stereotypes Literature Literature quizzes Literature library Storytelling library Media : Radio, television, newspapers Miscellaneous : Political life • Europe • Human rights Religions and beliefs • Secularism Songs Visuals Arts Comic strip Advertising
Vocabulary / Topics Alimentation Food Going shopping for food Eating out Eating habits - Nutrition Clothes Colors, shapes, materials Daily routine, schedule Family Give a phone call Health, at the doctor House Human body Nature Animals Environment - Ecology Nature - Plants - Landscapes Weather New technologies, Internet... Numbers Objects People Greetings - Politeness Describe somebody Introducing yourself, tastes Feelings and emotions School : Objects, Educational system Sports & Leisure, Holidays Leisure Music Sports Holidays and travels Time, date, seasons Town At the shops, at the hotel.. + Buying Giving directions Places in town, shops Transportation, road safety Work Professions Job hunting
Vocabulary / The French language Acronyms & Abbreviations Common mistakes in French
False cognates & Confusing pairs
Filler words, interjections & onomatopoeia History of the French language Homonymes & homophones Idiomatic Expressions & Proverbs Letter games Levels of language - Colloquial French Synonyms & Antonyms Variety of French Word formation
Grammar Adjectives Adverbs Articles Comparisons Conjugation - Verbs Demonstratives Do not confuse them ! Indirect speech Link-words Miscellaneous Negations Nouns Object pronouns Passive voice Possessives Prepositions Verbs with prepositions À & DE Prepositions of place (dans, devant, sur, ...) Prepositions - Trips, destinations Prepositions with countries Questions Relative pronouns Subject pronouns Stressed pronouns Time expressions tout / toute / tous / toutes
Indicative tenses
French Compound Past Tense French Imperfect French Compound Past / Imperfect French Simple Past (= Past Historic) Future Pluperfect Present
Other moods
Conditional + SI clauses Imperative Infinitive Past participle Present participle Subjunctive
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